How do I install and configure OBSIDIAN with the relevant plug-ins?

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I’ve tried logseq before, but it’s hard to sync across devices, and then I was planted on Obsidian, and I feel it works much better than logseq these days. I’ve been thinking about how to reasonably plan the migration of tag and wiznote notes, though I don’t think it can completely replace wiznote. this is still more suitable for plain text records, and less friendly to files and other synchronization.




  • Official paid sync, there’s nothing to say about this, those who know it will understand.

Plugin sync: Self-hosted LiveSync

Here I choose the better cross-device synchronization Self-hosted LiveSync

Plugin installation enable

Server setup couchdb

  • Install the base environment docker

  • Generate configuration file local.ini

vim local.ini
### The contents are as follows

require_valid_user = true

require_valid_user = true
authentication_redirect = /_utils/session.html

WWW-Authenticate = Basic realm="couchdb"
enable_cors = true

origins = app://,capacitor://localhost,http://localhost
credentials = true
headers = accept, authorization, content-type, origin, referer
max_age = 3600
  • Start
docker run -d --name obsidian --restart always -e COUCHDB_USER=admin -e COUCHDB_PASSWORD=passwd -v /home/obsidian/local.ini:/opt/couchdb/etc/ local.ini -p 5984:5984 couchdb
  • Connection configuration

Remember to click Test to test after the configuration is done, the pit I stepped in here is that I didn’t fill in the DataBase name, which led to an error all the time. Each device keeps the information on the line.

I’ve stepped in a hole here because I didn’t fill in the DataBase name.

  • Synchronization settings reference, I did not choose LiveSync here, feel a little problem in the conflict

Other plug-ins recommended


  • Brain map generation, the only thing that is a bit of a gripe here is the need to set shortcuts to use, did not find other methods. At the same time the text file format requirements are very high, a slight error will not be generated.

Dynamic Table of Contents Settings

  • The software actually has a sidebar by default, and I personally feel that his preview is still pretty cool.


  • A calendar table, it depends on personal preference. I have a daily diary here to get a TODO, not finished in the calendar table can be seen (the hollow point below), although it is not too big.

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