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Recently, I have been configuring a second-level domain name, and then I tried to configure a private email for myself to use as a contact email for my personal blog.



  • A server that can open 25 and other ports I heard that domestic servers have blocked these ports, I use Bricklayer, I just started testing my own server. The test did not pass, and I thought it was blocked. I sent an email and received an email saying that no ports were blocked. Later, I found out that I made a mistake. There was a problem with the detection code, and even port 443 failed to be detected;

  • An available domain name overseas (server) purchase recommendation: namesilo, if it is a domestic server, it will not be purchased from here, the domestic server needs to be recorded , if the domain name is from abroad, it should be transferred back to China for record, and it is not clear to me whether the port will be open;


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Installation tutorial

install pagoda

ItcHAVQphZOXByM After connecting to your Linux server using an SSH connection tool such as Pagoda Remote Desktop Assistant, Mount the disk and execute the corresponding command according to the system to start the installation (the panel installation is completed in about 2 minutes):

  • Centos installation script (Linux recommended)

yum install -y wget && wget -O && sh

<pre><code class="line-numbers">* Ubuntu/Deepin installation script

wget -O && sudo bash

  • Debian installation script

wget -O && bash

<pre><code class="line-numbers">* Fedora installation script

wget -O && bash

Install Opendkim

This service is used for this pagoda mailbox. I just started to install the pagoda post office manager directly, but after opening it, there is an OpendKim service that has been unable to open and the whole configuration fails. After successful installation by itself.

  • Install REPL source

yum -y install epel-release
rpm – Uvh
yum clean

<pre><code class="line-numbers">* Open the REPL source in the configuration

vi /etc/yum.repos.d/epel.repo`

Modify part of the configuration as follows, pay attention to remove the comments I wrote

name=Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux 7 – basearch
basearch # Remove the previous #
#mirrorlist=$basearch #preceded by #comment
enabled=1 # This is modified to 1

<pre><code class="line-numbers">* run

yum makecache

  • Install OpendKim

yum install opendkim

There are some problems written by this blogger, and don’t read the tutorial after installing OpendKim, but take a look at the overall configuration.

Install Pagoda Post Office Manager

  • Find and install in the software store: LudSEOyxtHl6JUo

  • Description: I have the configuration required for php and other websites. If the installation fails, I can try one-click installation. I didn’t find it useful to use the database, etc., the specifics are not clear;

Preliminary DNS resolution

Add a A record, don’t use a CDN or it will fail.



Pagoda Post Office Manager Configuration

  • Open the Pagoda Post Office Manager and enter the resolved domain name
  • Select the domain name list, add a first-level domain name, and then let you set up various DNS resolution. See the steps given for DNS resolution; PrnULolOI4kxfTc
  • Then enter user management and add users; boUVDukmgF3Zl5X
  • After configuration, you can go to send email to test to see if the configuration is good;

Update (2020-05-10)

At present, after Pagoda Mail is updated, you can add ssl/tls by yourself. If you need ssl/tls students, please add them according to the format. I will not say the specifics!

Tutorial for using clients other than the pagoda

The key point is that no can configure protocols such as SSL encryption. This self-built mailbox does not have various encryption protocols.

Mobile terminal

I chose the IMAP protocol



  • Plugin WP Mail SMTP My WordPress site, other sites explore by themselves, the key is not to have any encryption protocol or the like.
  • Configuration as shown

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