How do I apply for a domain name?

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  • Been looking for a free domain name and found this second-level domain name, but didn’t figure it out at first! The application has been successful in the past month or so! This led to the idea of ​​writing an article to fill in the missing or outdated tutorials!
  • This domain name has existed for a long time. The official name is, a free domain name since 1996;
  • Also this is said to be manually reviewed, so the application process is a bit long!
  • Then Baidu can also include it. If you go to Baidu to search for the suffix, there are still several websites that exist. Free domain names such as tk, ml, etc. are not directly supported for inclusion. And me! It was because of giving up and preparing to be included in the domestic search system, and sometimes it was quite helpless to some relevant domestic regulations.
  • After a period of time, I should set my main domain name to this. After all, there won’t be too many restrictions, so I can just delete it for you. My tk domain name was deleted once by hardcore, and my memory is fresh!


  1. Perform domain name resolution in advance, I use Dynu;

When Cloudflare parses, it will show that it is not registered. After receiving the successful registration, you can go to Cloudflare;

  1. Enter official website to register;


  1. After logging in, click: NEW DOMIN and add relevant information


Name servers Recommended

server names + replies on SOA + replies on NS (recommended)

  1. After filling in the information, click Submit for relevant inspection and verification;

  2. If the verification is successful, a request code (Saved as request) will be generated (similar to: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-arf-xxxxx), and then send an email to [email protected] , the subject is filled with containing:[request code], and the content is arbitrary;

Now the sending fails, I don’t know why, the domain name I applied successfully sent the email successfully (the first time I tried to send an inquiry message, the sending failure is the same as the current result;) I don’t know if this step is necessary, but it is safe to do so Try it, the article I saw has this step;

  1. In the end, it was a long wait. I waited for about a month and a half, and I thought the application failed;

Note that it is often found in spam, this will generally be identified as spam!


Suddenly I found that although the domain name can be found on Baidu, it is basically blocked in China. It is necessary to climb the ladder to access it. I don’t know why.

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