MySql Master-Slave Replication Configuration

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recently added a few servers for fun, now there are two hosts are having a database on the thought of getting a master-slave replication to serve as a backup of data, how important this data is without me saying it!

Master node configuration

Operation on the host

  • The master adds the following to the database configuration file and turns on binlog
  • Restart the database

  • Export all tables of the master node and synchronize them to the child host

mysqldump -uroot -p password -A > /tmp/out.sql
scp out.sql [email protected] node host IP:/tmp/

Operations in the database

  • Login to the database
mysql -uroot -p
  • Create a sync account/slave node to guide this account with a connection
CREATE USER 'user'@'slave node IP address' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
grant replication slave, replication client on *. * to 'user'@'slave IP address';
flush privileges;

- Check the status of the master node, remember the `File` and `Position`, suppose `File` is: emperinter.88888888, `Position` is: 888888888, the slave node database configuration should be used to start.

show master status;

! show master status;

  • Database user change password
set password for [email protected] IP address = password('new password');

Slave node configuration

Operations on the host

  • Importing the database
cd /tmp/
mysql -uroot -p < out.sql
  • Configure, same as master, note that server-id and master should not be the same

Operations in the database

  • Login to the database
mysql -uroot -p
  • Configure the synchronization information, `Note to change the information for the master node! “
change master to master_host='master_node_IP',master_user='master_node_user',master_password='master_node_user_password',MASTER_LOG_FILE='emperinter.88888888',MASTER_LOG _POS=88888888;
  • Start synchronization
start slave;
  • Check the status of the slave node
show slave status\G
  • Suspend synchronization
stop slave;

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