I2p And Tor

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You should using some VPN tools if your country has some block!


I am not suggesting you using this usually,for it was running at a low network speed.But the security is the best as we know!



  • add repository
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:i2p-maintainers/i2p
  • update your sourcelist
sudo apt-get update
  • install
sudo apt-get instll i2p
  • start
i2prouter start


  • download the exe file and click it ! Very simlpe to do that!

how to use

  • start as what I say

  • open a browser

  • you will see the admin panel when you input and enter into it

  • setting proxy if you are in some country like china

  • get some seeds

you can skip this if you can connect I2p network very well!

download the seeds and set it up at the same page

  • setting proxy of browser as follows

HTTP Proxy Port 4444
  • you can explore the deepweb by this browser!




  • download the file and unzip it

  • start it as follows



  • download

  • unzip

  • install

  • open it in file

how to use

  • config as follows

Worked ?

It worked very well if you can visit websit http://oniondirljacm547.onion/Default

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