The Golden Compass

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The story takes place in a world very similar to our own Earth, where people’s souls become spirit gods to follow them. Leila (Dakota Blue Richards) is a warm, brave and righteous woman who has lived with her uncle, the president of the University of Jordan, since she was a child. One day Mrs. Colter (nicole kidman) is going north and wants Leila to accompany her. Curious, Leila happily agrees. Before she leaves, her uncle gives her a golden compass and tells her that there is only one person in the world who can read it. From the golden compass, Lila not only gets answers to the questions she asks, but also learns the mystery of her own origins. Along the way, Mrs. Colter behaves strangely, and Lila also discovers the name of her missing friend, Roger, written boldly on one of Mrs. Turt’s lists! Roger, like the other children, is lured to the Far North to become a science experiment. Lila finds the time to escape and sets out on her own to rescue Roger. ……

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  • First of all this is another series of unfinished dramas, there are supposed to be three and now we only see one. Front End Time was called by a certain Youtuber to be very famous abroad, comparable to something or other drama. Of course now I’m watching the movie version which seems to have been produced in 2007 (I’ll check it out later). The one I watched was the TV version, right? For more details, skip to 85%E7%9B%A4) View!

  • The elements of this show revolve around those two elements, right! That’s religion (theology) as well as parallel universes!

  • A bit confusing is that the plot feels a bit contradictory? A few doubts arise: 1. Does the Church know about parallel universes? Or is it the same stupid masses as always? But there’s a bit of a contradiction here with a curly-haired guy who crosses both worlds so often that it feels like he’s the only one who knows. Also why did the church erase Dust’s research? It’s just that they don’t seem to know what it is? It’s more of a fear! 2. What a strange relationship this Lyra has with his father and mother? It feels so complicated, if his father really is future researching Dust and is desperate why he’s keeping the golden compass for her? Her mother may have caused this due to past experiences, but it does feel a bit exaggerated!

  • It feels like it’s hard to see what story this incomplete drama is telling at the end without an explanation of the background! Most ballsy, a bit of logic to follow is still a good drama, otherwise it’s a bad one. Look at the source, it’s based on a novel! I watched this (’19) or the remake (’07), go see how this movie goes sometime, I hope I don’t disappoint myself!

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