The Golden Compass

Introduction The story takes place in a world very similar to our own Earth, where people's souls become spirit gods to follow them. Leila (Dakota Blue Richards) is a warm, brave and righteous woman who has lived with her uncle, the president of the University of Jordan, since she was a child. One day Mrs. Colter (nicole kidman) is going north and wants Leila to accompany her. Curious, Leila happily agrees. Before she leaves, her uncle gives her a golden compass and tells her that there is only one person in the world who can read it. From the golden compass, Lila not only gets answers to the questions she asks, but also learns the mystery of her own origins. Along the way, Mrs. Colt......

How to sign up Google Adsense ?

reason I wanna get some money from adsense in my website when i change free domain into a paid domain,It seems that google adsense is the best choice for everyone!But it denied my request many times for the same content in my webpage in returned email.I got the successfful email when I change my homepage! Steps you need an google account! sign up for google adsense and follow it's steps,you will get an adsense code which you need add up into your website! And you will get a lot of suggestion email until your websites fits in with their clause.The things I can suggest you is that trying your best to improve your website’s SEO and your article shouldn’t survived two ti......


introduction It is a simple wiki platform which we can make a notebook in a company,or a knowledge base for ourself.The most insteresting thing is the data in dokuwiki stored in a txt file,and it is easy for us to backup and transfer by using an zipped file! install install the system environment; we need php and nginx;I can't give you any suggestions for your situation!expect your system just for wiki; install you wiki in your cloud; Firstly,you should config you web service that we can access; get the wiki packege git clone URL Rewrite apache RewriteEngine on RewriteBase /dokuwiki RewriteRule ^_media/(.*) lib/exe/fetch.php?media=$1 [......

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