I've been coming across the concept of concurrent threads lately, and every time I come across it, I'm confused. Just try to understand this into the thread outside of the strange guy, and finally look at it is not too difficult, simply said is a micro-thread. Description Concurrent threads, also known as micro-threads, slim threads, also known as user-level threads, on the basis......

WordPress-Auto Generate Navigation

Auto Generate Navigation A plugin which can generate a navigation catalogue on your WordPress post! You can find the code here : Install Install By YourSelf download: install as follow picture Install in Market Currently being submitted for processing Special Thanks for the original plugin.

How to use Google FireBase in Android?

The purpose of my reference to Firese here is mainly to detect how many users are using the product in question, using the free version of Firebase. See the official tutorials or stuck in some places, especially when it comes to detecting success. More fortunately, the Google team is still relatively reliable, consulting related issues can give timely feed......

How do I install and configure OBSIDIAN with the relevant plug-ins?

I've tried logseq before, but it's hard to sync across devices, and then I was planted on Obsidian, and I feel it works much better than logseq these days. I've been thinking about how to reasonably plan the migration of tag and wiznote notes, though I don't think it can completely replace wiznote. this is still more suitable f......

WordPress Database Error establishing a database connection

I recently did a site migration, and migrated back again because of a master-slave synchronization problem, but I didn't know how to do another site's database connection to Error when I solved the synchronization. error is shown in the figure (Error establishing a database connection) determine whether the password is correct Go ......


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