How to sign up Google Adsense ?


I wanna get some money from adsense in my website when i change free domain into a paid domain,It seems that google adsense is the best choice for everyone!But it denied my request many times for the same content in my webpage in returned email.I got the successfful email when I change my homepage!


  • you need an google account!
  • sign up for google adsense and follow it’s steps,you will get an adsense code which you need add up into your website!

  • And you will get a lot of suggestion email until your websites fits in with their clause.The things I can suggest you is that trying your best to improve your website’s SEO and your article shouldn’t survived two times in your website.

Attention: Domain(suggest buying a domain at Namesilo), you could get a free domain as follow links which I don’t suggest you, it will not be treated very well in the network!


  • Putting the Adsense code into your website and suggesting put it into your theme file:header.php rather than plugin! The plugin will slow down your website!

The code where you can put into your website depends on your web system,you can put it into your theme file if you can understand it,and you can use some plugins to add it.

  • The last thing you should pay attention to is Fonts, it will be treated as a commercial movement if you put some ads on your website! you’d better use open fonts!


Google AdSense has AMP AdSense code, it is a great way to get some ads! You’d better get it right now!

  • The most important thing I think is that your website should have a lot of good quality articles if you wanna know whether your website will be passed by Google!

  • Google has some WeChat Group in China,I found it at Google Adsense tutorial.

Hope all of you guys learned something from this article!

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